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Arlington, Texas

City Council Elections

November 3rd, 2020

* Due to COVID 19 the Arlington City Council Elections were postponed from May 2nd, 2020 to November 3rd, 2020, the same day as the general election. 

Key Dates

- October 5th - Last Day to Register to Vote!

- October 13th - 1st Day of Early Voting

- October 30th - Last Day of Early Voting

- November 3rd - Election Day

Voter Registration in Tarrant County

If you have questions or need assistance with voter registration you can contact a Voter Registrar, e.g. Elizabeth Rodriguez  at UTA. Elizabeth's contact info is: Instagram -thenurselizabeth; Twitter - @mezae59; or email at

You must register to vote by October 5th to vote in the upcoming elections on November 3rd. Tarrant County does not offer online registration, but if you want to verify you are registered to vote the County website has a VOTER LOOKUP feature.

You can find more information about your election at the TARRANT COUNTY VOTER REGISTRATION WEBSITE, and you can mail in your voter voter registration using the forms below.

If you arrive at the polling station and are told you are not registered, but you believe you are properly registered, it is your right to ask for a "PROVISIONAL BALLOT". Provisional ballots will be verified further, and if validated will be counted in the final vote tally. If you are told you are at the wrong polling place, you may also request a provisional ballot and still complete your ballot at that location.

Note: This year, in 2020, you can vote at any polling place in Tarrant County for BOTH early voting and election day voting. If you arrive at the polling place, however, and the poll workers say your at the wrong place, again you can request a provisional ballot and your vote will be verified and counted.


Tarrant County Voter Registration Application - English.pdf

Tarrant County Voter Registration Application - Spanish.pdf

Tarrant County Voter Registration Application - Vietnamese.pdf

Arlington City Council Candidates - 2020


  Helen Moise

   J.J. Fenceroy


   Raul Gonzalez

   Jo Anna Cardoza


   John Hibbs

   Ruby Faye Woolridge


   Hunter Crow

   Antoine Lane

   Victoria Farrar-Myers

   Chris Dobson

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