Below you will find a top level summary of the presented Registration and Regulation proposal by the START Movement to the City of Arlington in Jan/Feb of 2019. The START Movement originally submitted a "Registration & Data Collection" proposal (commonly referred to as "Option 1"), but has since included a set of initial trial regulations that would ride concurrently with the 6 month data collection process to eventually lead to a more comprehensive set of regulations based on data and facts gathered that demonstrated the need for such. These trial regulations were deemed necessary by many stakeholders in attempt to reach middle ground, and therefore have now been included with the original Registration & Data Analysis Proposal.

    You can read the full Registration & Regulation proposals by downloading the PDFs at the bottom of this page.

    START Movement Short Term Rental (STR)

    Regulation Proposal Summary

    for Arlington, TX

    1. Require registration for STR and Hotel and Occupancy Tax (HOT)

    2. Implement trial regulations (added to initial registration proposal)

    a. Trash – comply with local policies
    b. Noise – comply with Texas law
    c. Occupancy – 2 per BR plus 2, or 1/200 gross SF, whichever is greater
    d. Parking – number of vehicles limited to
    i. Off Street: available spaces in garage and driveway
    ii. On Street: available spaces within extended property lines
    e. Events – special event permit required

    3. Pull all STR related code and police complaints/violations on STR addresses

    4. City Staff and START Movement jointly analyze results

    a. 2 violations or ANY STR related felony = Probation & higher scrutiny

    b. 3 violations or more than 1 STR related felony = Suspension

    5. START Movement works with STR operators that have many complaints

    6. Code Compliance and Arlington Police conduct enforcement

    7. City Staff and START Movement update Mayor and City Council monthly

    a. Provide data details
    b. Jointly develop proposals
    c. After 6 month assessment period provide comprehensive report

    8. Mayor and City Council tailor final Arlington STR regulations


    Download the FULL STR PROPOSAL here:  START-Movement-STR-Registration-Proposal.pdf

    Download the FULL TRIAL REGULATIONS here:  START-Movement-Initial-Regulations.pdf

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