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    Arlington is the latest in a string of cities across Texas that have either effectively or outright banned short term rentals due to a vicious fear and smear campaign by various groups that paint all short term rentals as party houses, and portray short term rental guests as immoral deviants that prey on women and children. (This is seriously the language they use.) Arlington’s zoning ban will eliminate over 90% of short term rentals in the City starting October 2019 by limiting STRs primarily to an area extending about 1 mile from the major league sports stadiums in the City. The effect will be to deny property owners of critical income to support their families, and to deny visitors affordable lodging that best fits their needs.

    This new Arlington law, like the zoning ban in Fort Worth, the arbitrary Supplemental Use Permitting process in Waco, and the outright bans in Austin, Grapevine, Southlake, Colleyville, Hurst and many other Texas cities, unconstitutionally denies property rights as guaranteed by the US and Texas constitutions. The Texas state legislature has repeatedly failed to take action against these unconstitutional abuses against citizens by city governments so the time has come to seek justice in the courts.

    It Is Time to Seek Legal Recourse.

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